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AER Electric Scooter

Not a plaything. The real thing.

Every detail of the AER 557 is the result of innovative UK design and perfectionist German engineering. This is a scooter built for serious travel and optimum performance.

With top speeds of 43kph, a range of 32km and a total weight of just 23kg; the award winning AER 557 is one of the most advanced electric scooters available.

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AER Scooter
Electric Scooter
Price from: £2100
Design Features
  • Top Speed - 43 km/h

  • Range 30 - 32 km

  • Weight 23 kgs

Prices & Options
  • Pricing 

  • Optional Extras Pricing




VLF International Ltd.  /  Tel: +44 (0) 7970665627

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AER Electric Scooter Enquiry
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